Every major sport has one or more items of equipment or clothing which can make a difference in both your performance and your enjoyment. If you play soccer, it is undoubtedly the cleats which you wear on your feet that can influence whether your control, passing or shooting is good or bad. The question is which are the best soccer cleats if you want to improve your performance on the soccer field. Our review will look at 5 of the very best soccer cleats to help you choose.


Best Soccer Cleats Reviews

1. Adidas Men’s Nemeziz 17.4 FxG Soccer Shoe

Adidas is one of the longest established manufacturers of soccer cleats in the world, however, that does not mean they cannot produce modern soccer footwear. Their Nemeziz 17.4 FxG Soccer Shoe proves that point perfectly thanks to its innovative upper design and construction.

Product Highlights

One aspect of playing soccer is that you will not play on the same type of surface for every game; therefore, the fact that the Adidas Nemeziz 17.4 soccer shoe can be worn on hard ground, firm ground, and artificial grass is impressive. This means that not only can you wear the same footwear for each match, but there are financial savings as there’s no need to purchase shoes for each surface type. While talking about what’s under your foot, we must also mention the flexible TPU soles, which make turning and twisting much easier. The triangularly shaped cleats ensure you have a sound grip as you do so. Once you have the soccer shoes on and are playing in them, you will notice that they are very lightweight, which should help you to run quicker and move faster; this is ideal for getting past an opponent. The highlight of Adidas Nemeziz is the synthetic ‘Agility Touch’ upper. Not only is it soft which gives you a better touch when the ball arrives at your feet, but it also has a micro-textured surface for greater ball control and more accurate passing. 

What’s to like about the Adidas Men’s Nemeziz 17.4 FxG Soccer Shoe

Ball control is everything in soccer, and the upper is designed to make that easier for any player wearing these soccer cleats.

What’s not to like about the Adidas Men’s Nemeziz 17.4 FxG Soccer Shoe

The tongue is not cushioned so it gives limited protection to the front of the foot especially when striking the ball firmly.


  • check Suitable for multiple surface types
  • check Flexible sole to help to turn
  • check‘Agility Touch’ upper promotes touch and ball control
  • check Available in several color options


  • The tongue is very thin
  • Narrow fit may not suit wide feet

2. Nike Mercurial Victory V Soccer Cleat

In Ancient Greece, Nike was the goddess of victory and having tested Nike’s Mercurial Victory V Soccer Cleats we are confident that they can live up to that name. To win at soccer you need to control the ball instantly, pass it well, and shoot with power. Wearing these should help you to achieve all three.

Product Highlights

The more snuggly the lining of a soccer cleat can fit around your foot, the more comfortable you will be throughout your soccer match. With the contoured lining that Nike has used for these soccer cleats, you will have that comfort, plus support for your foot will also be enhanced. Underfoot, the sole is made from high-grade TPU, so that you have stability and flexibility when you need to turn or twist away from opponents. The layout of the cleats on the front part of the sole is a special Nike configuration which enhances the grip, especially when setting off on a sprint on firm grass soccer fields. As you know, the upper is mainly where contact with the ball happens and it is here that you look for skill-enhancing features. To that end, Nike has used a supremely soft micro-textured upper which is very lightweight, so it not only helps your ball control, it also aids your speed and agility. The last thing to point out is the huge choice of colors that you have which includes everything from luminous yellow to bright pink. 

What’s to like about the Nike Mercurial Victory V Soccer Cleat

When your soccer cleats fit snuggly they are more comfortable with more stability so the contoured lining in these soccer cleats is a big plus.

What’s not to like about the Nike Mercurial Victory V Soccer Cleat

Like many soccer cleats, the sizes stated do not match the equivalent shoe size, so ordering the correct size needs more thought and attention than it should.


  • check Contoured lining for comfort
  • check Textured upper for greater ball control
  • check Cleat configuration gives great turning grip
  • check TPU sole for flexibility


  • Sizes stated do not match shoe sizes
  • Thin insole has limited cushioning

3. Dream Pairs Men’s 160860-M Soccer Shoes

While Dream Pairs might not be the household name that some of the other soccer footwear manufacturers have, they certainly know how to produce a pair of soccer cleats that gives players wearing them a competitive edge. They also have more traditional styling which many soccer players prefer modern designs.

Product Highlights

Where those traditional elements can be most clearly seen is in the upper, especially in the stitching. Whereas some soccer shoes use the texture on the upper to enhance control, these Dream Pairs utilize a very distinctive stitching pattern across the toe section and on the sides. There are plenty of soccer players who prefer this type of upper, especially as they tend to be a bit more robust, therefore offering more protection across the front of the foot. Comfort is something we always look for in a pair of soccer cleats, so we were delighted to see that they have a padded insole for underfoot comfort, plus a padded tongue for even more protection at the front. The cleats underneath are a more traditional type, as they are made from molded rubber, and are all around. Not only do they give you excellent grip, but this also makes them ideal if you play on softer surfaces. [amazon box=”B01NA8489T”]

What’s to like about the Dream Pairs Men’s 160860-M Soccer Shoes

The padding in these soccer cleats is extensive which gives players more comfort when wearing them. It also provides a good of protection for the front of the foot and around just below the ankle area.

What’s not to like about the Dream Pairs Men’s 160860-M Soccer Shoes

These Dream Pairs soccer cleats don’t feel as lightweight as many others; therefore, soccer players who rely on speed and agility may feel like they are being hindered a little.


  • check Padding interior offers comfort
  • check Durable stitching throughout
  • check Cushioned insole for protection when landing
  • check Round rubber studs for grip on soft surfaces


  • Not as lightweight as others
  • Very narrow fit

4. Nike Mercurial Victory VI Neymar Soccer Cleat

You may recall me mentioning Nike was a Greek goddess, and on that theme, for many soccer fans the Brazilian soccer player, Neymar is a god. His transfer value is close to $300 million dollars so when his name is associated with a pair of soccer cleats, we’re looking for a premium product.

Product Highlights

The first thing that catches your eye when you first see these soccer cleats is the sock, which unlike the majority of soccer cleats, extends above the shoe. The benefit this design gives you as a soccer player is it extends both the snug fit and the comfort up to and around your ankle. Obviously, the more comfortable you feel, the more focused you are likely to be when playing. Comfort is a definite theme of these Nike soccer cleats as the sockliner also has cushioning underfoot so any time you jump, the landing is softened. A steady grip is as important for landing as it is for running, and this is assured with the 11 chevron-shaped studs underfoot. Brazilian players like Neymar are known for their exceptional ball control, so it is little wonder the design of these lightweight soccer cleats is very much geared towards that. The upper has a micro-texture across its entire surface, but more importantly, to help enhance your ball control, it has embossed ribbing in all the crucial contact areas of the shoe. 

What’s to like about the Nike Mercurial Victory VI Neymar Soccer Cleat

The ‘Dynamic Fit’ collar ensures that whenever you are wearing these soccer cleats they should feel snug, secure and comfortable. When your soccer footwear is as comfortable as that it can only help you to play better soccer.

What’s not to like about the Nike Mercurial Victory VI Neymar Soccer Cleat

The low profile at the sides means there is very little protection for ankles. Some cushioning built into the collar could have negated this.


  • check Extended collar for ultra-snug fit
  • check Cushioned sock liner reduces landing impact
  • check Embossed ribbing promotes ball control
  • check Lightweight for speed


  • Premium pricing
  • No color options

5. Adidas Performance Men’s Gloro 16.1 FG Soccer Shoe

Our quest to find the best soccer cleats of 2018 brings us to soccer footwear whose black and white leather appearance seems more 20th century than 21st. But that is no issue because the Adidas Performance Men’s Gloro 16.1 FG Soccer Shoe does a fantastic job of combining traditional soccer footwear features with modern ones.

Product Highlights

With synthetic materials being used to make most sports footwear, it is great to see leather being used for the toe and front sections of these soccer shoes. And it isn’t just standard leather; it is kangaroo leather, which soccer players should love, thanks to its suppleness. This gives a far greater feel and touch on the ball than synthetics and makes for more accurate passing and shooting. To balance the softness of the front section, the heel section is made from stronger synthetic leather which provides a level of stability around this area, where it is needed most. The interior of the shoe has to cushion around the rim and within the tongue which offers both comfort and protection to players. The insole is a special EVA foam material which helps dampen the forces on the sole of the foot when landing or running. A further aid in ensuring the soles of your feet are protected is Adidas’s ‘Comfort Frame’ on the base of the shoe. This helps evenly distribute the upward pressure from the studs underneath, making running or jumping pain-free. The rubber sole has small, round studs which also harks back to earlier times; however, they give fantastic grip on both firm or artificial grass. [amazon box=”B010Q2PEYS”]

What’s to like about the Adidas Performance Men’s Gloro 16.1 FG Soccer Shoe

The kangaroo leather front section is extremely soft and supple, to help make a soccer player’s touch the best it can be.

What’s not to like about the Adidas Performance Men’s Gloro 16.1 FG Soccer Shoe

This is high maintenance footwear; therefore, after every soccer game, they’ll need cleaning, polishing, and some TLC for the leather to keep it in top condition.


  • check Soft kangaroo leather upper
  • check Cushioning around inner shoe
  • check‘ Comfort Frame’ reduces upward pressure
  • check Padded tongue protects front of foot


  • High maintenance
  • Short studs lack grip on wet surfaces


The process of buying the best soccer cleats should be more than simply choosing the ones that look the best, albeit there is nothing wrong with choosing a stylish pair. It is important to remember that there are several features which differ between each pair of soccer cleats, and if you don’t, you might end up buying ones which are totally unsuitable for you. For example, the types of playing surfaces you play on must be considered and you also want to make sure your soccer cleats will fit properly. Other factors such as the materials used can make a huge difference to the comfort of your soccer cleats, and they’ll also influence the price you will pay.

Cleat Type

The types of surface you are most likely to play soccer on will determine what cleat type you need. Thankfully soccer cleat manufacturers use a common coding system to let you know which surface any pair of cleats is suited to. Having a secure grip underfoot is vital for both your performance and your safety so always choose the right type. The main ones to look for are ‘FG’ which are cleats suitable for firm ground and the most common type. HD will indicate the cleats are suitable for very hard ground, SG is for soft ground and AT/AG are for playing on artificial turf or grass.


The materials used for the upper on soccer cleats can influence their comfort, their weight, and how well you connect with the ball when it arrives at your foot. There are three main types of materials, with the most common being synthetics. These are lightweight, highly durable, and water resistant. Leather uppers give you the most natural feel and a touch of the ball due to their suppleness. If you want the absolute best touch, then kangaroo leather uppers are the premium choice, albeit they are not as durable as the others, and will come with a higher price too.

Ankle Height

Every soccer player, whether they are playing for fun, or a superstar professional seeking to win the World Cup, will have sustained a painful knock or two on the ankle from an opponent accidentally (or otherwise) tackling them. This where the ankle height of the soccer shoe can make a huge difference.The higher the ankle height the more protection that area has, therefore reducing the risk of a painful or serious injury. Those soccer cleats with an extended sock which covers the ankle also give a snugger, and more comfortable fit.

Fit / Size

This might seem an obvious one, but it’s amazing how many people try to play soccer in footwear that does not fit properly. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it also has the potential to cause injuries to feet and toes. Unfortunately, soccer cleat sizes sometimes do not always correspond exactly to the equivalent shoe size so always read any information relating to sizes that the footwear manufacturer provides.


As you will have seen from the soccer cleats we’ve reviewed, the price variances between each product can be significant. Obviously, you will have your own budget in mind for what you want to spend, but the rule of thumb should be to buy the best soccer cleats that you can afford rather than simply choosing the cheapest ones. Cheap prices can also mean cheaper materials, and as mentioned above, that can have a negative impact on the levels of comfort and safety that your soccer cleats provide you.


As with any product, soccer cleats have major, worldwide brands such as Adidas and Nike and these brands tens to have a huge range, enhanced features, and even endorsements from superstar players. Nevertheless, simply buying a pair of soccer cleats because the brand name is not ideal. By all means, choose them if the cleats match your needs, in terms of comfort, protection and the other features they offer. There are many less well-known brands which produce excellent soccer cleats that have just about every feature you need. They might have fewer options such as colors and styles, but they are still worth considering, especially as they tend to cost less.

Best Soccer Cleats FAQs

How Do I Choose Soccer Cleats?

Your primary aim is to choose soccer cleats which will fit you perfectly so check the size guide carefully. Then look for the cleat type that suits the surfaces you play on. With these sorted, think about what they offer in terms of comfort and support such as cushioning, ankle height, upper materials, and the insole.

How Should Soccer Cleats Fit?

Given that you will be running, jumping and landing, it is vital that you choose soccer cleats that fit snuggly and comfortably. There should be some, but not an excessive, movement, but the key to this is checking the manufacturer guidelines as this will tell you how their size compares to your normal shoe size. Also, take account whether the soccer cleats are a wide or narrow fit.

How Do I Clean Soccer Cleats?

This will depend on whether the upper is synthetic or leather. Synthetic uppers normally just need a wipe with a damp cloth. Leather uppers require more care. Once any dirt is removed they should be polished and if possible treated with a leather conditioner to keep them in top condition.

What Are Soccer Cleats Made Of?

There two main parts: the upper and the sole/cleats. The sole and cleats will invariably be made from a synthetic material such as TPU. Uppers will either be a synthetic material and in some cases a brand-specific material. The other material used for uppers is leather, where different grades are used to influence the characteristics of the soccer footwear made from them.

How Do I Wear Soccer Cleats?

Assuming you have purchased the correct size, once you have placed the soccer cleats on your feet, you then want to tie the laces so they are held securely, but not too tight. You should be able to wiggle your toes and still have flexibility in your ankle area when wearing soccer cleats.


Our look at the best soccer cleats of 2018 has looked at 5 excellent pairs of soccer footwear, and every one of them is highly recommended. But as with any soccer competition, there can only be one winner, and given that they are named after the Greek goddess of victory itis should come as no surprise that our winners are a pair of soccer cleats from Nike. The Nike Mercurial Victory V Soccer Cleats give players a fantastic level of comfort and protection thanks to both the contoured lining and cushioning in the shoe. The sole is flexible and provides excellent grip on firm surfaces. If you want to be a better player, these will help you, with micro-texturing on the upper giving the perfect surface to control the ball with, and then make the perfect pass. Finally, if you like choice, you have at least 15 color options so you’ll always look your best on the soccer pitch.