Diadora Kids’ Cattura Jr Soccer Shoe: QUICK OVERVIEW


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What We Like

  • Synthetic
  • Synthetic sole
  • Wider studs for stability

What Don’t We Like

  • Sizes vary from standard shoe size

With the popularity of soccer amongst children, parents will be expected to make sure that their son or daughter is kitted out with all they need to play the sport. Their soccer footwear is the most important of these as it ensures kids can play safely and in comfort. The Diadora Cattura Jr Soccer Shoes are perfect for children taking up soccer or those who simply need new footwear to continue their enjoyment of playing. Read on, and our review will highlight why.

Diadora Kids’ Cattura Jr Soccer Shoe REVIEW


Diadora started producing these soccer shoes back in 2016, and in just those two years they have proved to be very popular. These soccer shoes are suitable for playing on most outdoor surfaces. There are no fewer than 8 color choices which include traditional black with white, as well as more colorful options like blue, lime green, and orange,


Who is this product for?

The size range that Diadora have produced for the Cattura soccer shoe, starts from toddlers aged 1, and go up to bigger kids aged 12. They are suitable for both boys and girls and can be worn for practice sessions and soccer matches. Regardless of how old your child is, make sure you refer to the size chart to ensure you select the correct size for them.


What’s included?

Not much to say here, except that the soccer cleats come ready to wear although you may need to help younger children tie the laces to ensure there’s no tripping hazard.


Overview Of Features

Kids’ soccer cleats need to be tough enough to withstand kicking the ball, running around the pitch, tackles, and even the occasional puddle. Thankfully the synthetic upper on the Diadora Cattura soccer shoes are made from durable polyurethane which makes them extremely durable. The upper has several lines of double stitching which not only helps with durability but also provides a great surface texture on the toe of the shoe. This makes controlling the ball easier compared to a smooth surface. With better control comes better passing, shooting, and dribbling, which is bound to impress your child’s teammates and soccer coach. Underfoot there is a superb grip for when kids are running, twisting or jumping thanks to the extra wide studs that give extra traction on outdoor surfaces. Having comfortable footwear when playing soccer is essential for every soccer player whether they are a superstar pro, or a kid playing on the lawn. To provide that comfort there’s plenty of cushioning throughout the interior of these shoes. There’s a padded insole so under the foot feels no upward pressure or discomfort when running or landing. There’s cushioning around the inner lining to keep the back and sides of the child’s foot secure and protected, plus the tongue has padding too. This helps cushion the impact when kicking the ball hard or shooting towards the goal, which hopefully is a frequent occurrence for your budding soccer star.


How To Get The Most Out Of Them

Although your child may be desperate to put on their new soccer cleats as soon as they open the box, you must bear in mind that, as with most new footwear, they’ll be stiff and unyielding, to begin with. This can potentially make them feel too tight and uncomfortable at first. The best advice is to let your child start wearing them for short periods, and increase this time gradually, to allow the upper to stretch and soften. In this way, your child will be able to wear them for long periods without any discomfort. The studs on these soccer shoes are suitable for playing on most outdoor surfaces, whether that is for practice or for a proper match. There is not a huge amount of maintenance required due to the synthetic materials used; however, it will do no harm to wipe or brush them clean after each use.



Another great pair of kids’ soccer cleats, that don’t cost the earth, is Dream Pairs Soccer Cleats. They have sizes from toddler up to ‘Big Kid’, and a great range of colors to choose from, which include neon green, orange, and royal blue. As with the Diadora Cattura soccer shoes, they have molded studs and should feel very comfortable when your child is playing soccer.



There are several reasons why parents purchase a specific pair of soccer cleats for their child. If you are reading this, hopefully when it comes time for you to do likewise those reasons are the right ones. The reasons include your child’s comfort, their safety, and whether the shoes enhance their enjoyment of playing soccer. The Diadora Cattura Soccer Shoes tick all three of those boxesThey’re certainly comfortable because of the padding and cushioning around the shoe and underfoot. The upper is extremely durable and this gives the shoes a degree of strength which protects the child’s foot. The grip provided by the molded studs also provide a safer platform that reduces slips and falls for their enjoyment, this is not only down to the comfort and safety, but also features like the stitching pattern to promote better ball control, accurate passes, and more effective shots on goal. Doesn’t that sound like a winning combination to you?