Under Armour Kids CF Force 3.0 Jr. Soccer Cleats:


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What We Like

  • Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Great for any junior soccer athlete!

What Don’t We Like

  • Very narrow fit
  • Tongue lacks padding

Today, even very young kids have a sense of how they want to look, especially when they are bombarded through TV and the internet with images of their heroes. This applies to soccer as much as any sport, so children plead with their parents to buy them the best-looking soccer cleats, rather than ones that are the most suitable. Thankfully, you don’t have that issue with Under Armour Kids Men’s CF Force 3.0 Jr. Soccer Cleats. Not only do have excellent features, but they also look stunning too. Read on to find out more.

Under Armour Kids CF Force 3.0 Jr. Soccer Cleats REVIEW

Under Armour has exploded as a brand in the past few years, and these soccer cleats, released in 2017, have certainly made an impression. They are the junior version of UA’s CF Force 3.0 range which also has men’s and women’s versions too


Who is this product for?

These soccer cleats are suitable for kids whose shoe size is anywhere between child size 10 up to standard size 6. This means an approximate age range of between 6 years of age up to 11 or 12 years of age. Bear in mind for older children with feet larger than size 6, there is the option of the adult version which will have a suitable size.


What’s included?

Basically, they are Under Armour soccer shoes and, as the cleats are molded, there is no need for any studs to be screwed in prior to the shoes being used.


Overview Of Features

Every child wants to play soccer the best they possibly can and many of the features of these soccer cleats will help them to do so. The most significant help is the texturing across the surface of the upper. This provides a point of contact with the ball that helps improve the child’s touch and control, two of the most critical skills in soccer. With better contact, passing and shooting accuracy are also enhanced. When running, turning or jumping, it is important that kids have good traction underfoot, so the molded studs are most welcome. These ensure that grip on firm surfaces is maximized, and the chances of slipping are minimized. Comfort is another primary requirement of children’s soccer cleats and it makes a huge difference to their enjoyment when playing the sport. That enjoyment is assured thanks to padding and cushioning around the inner shoe and in the insole.


How To Get The Most Out Of Them

One of the first things that need to happen in order that your child gets the greatest amount of enjoyment out of wearing their soccer cleats is to make sure you have selected the correct size for them. Soccer cleats, especially those for children, do not always equate to normal shoe sizes so check the size chart. The other point to note regarding size is that Under Armour soccer cleats are generally a thin width so take that into account as well. Even if they fit perfectly, the soccer shoes may feel a bit rigid at first as they are brand new. They will soften after a couple of times being worn so do not be too concerned if your child mentions this. The cleats on the sole are designed for use on firm outdoor surfaces and it is on these types of surfaces that the most grip will be found.



A great alternative to these Under Armour soccer cleats are a pair from one of the top names in soccer footwear. They are the Adidas Performance Kids’ X Firm Ground Soccer Cleats and they are every bit as stylish, if not even more so. That is because they come in a stunning metallic silver color, with other options being solar green and solar red, which are also very eye-catching. They have a textured upper to help with ball control, plenty of cushioning for comfort, and molded cleats which are best for playing on firm surfaces. One last point is their price, which is currently less than $40. It is not often you see that price for soccer footwear from a top brand.



It is easy to lose sight of what important features you need in a product when considering a top brand product as we often assume (wrongly in many cases) that they will have them. Although these Under Armour soccer shoes are a top brand, and their stunning luminous yellow color could be enough to distract anyone, they certainly provide those important features. Grip underfoot is excellent on firm ground, and they have flexibility built in with the TPU sole. The level of comfort provided when being worn is high due to the padding on the shoe collar and the cushioned insole. Finally, to help your child be the best soccer player they can be, the textured upper will help them to control the ball, to pass it better, and when it comes to scoring goals, they’ll be able to hit their shots with greater power and accuracy.